Our Pledge

Many years back, I saw the then new The Matrix movie and, like many others, it left me in awe. The visuals and action were enough to create a frenzy among the movie world. One part that always stood out was a notion of Human not being a mammal but actually a virus incapable of living in “natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment.” This never sat well with me and from then I made a personal vow to do my best to achieve that equilibrium.

We all live on this planet and leave a bio footprint. Whether we are conscious of it or not we have an impact on this planet and we believe that it is our social responsibility to live in harmony with our planet.

We started Eternal Fleur with the intention of giving back to the Planet from which we consume not only give back financially but also bring environmental issue awareness. Our goal is to spread knowledge and awareness of the impact on the environment around us and, more importantly, to bring promote practical environmentally friendly lifestyle changes. No one is perfect but if we all try with action and do a little we can have a big impact on the world.

As our way of giving back we here at Eternal Fleur have teamed up with 1% For the Planet.

1% for the Planet is a global organization that connects dollars and doers to address the most pressing issues facing our planet. Started in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies, our members have given more than $150 million to environmental nonprofits to date. Our founders - successful entrepreneurs who grew thriving businesses - understood that they were not alone in being committed to protecting the environment and giving back to our global community.

Today, 1% for the Planet is a network of more than 1,200 member businesses, numerous individuals, and thousands of nonprofit partners in more than 40 countries. Our headquarters are located in Burlington, VT. We also have a chapter office in France and strong representation in Japan, Australia, and western Europe.

We pledge to donate at MINIMUM 1% of our proceeds to a nonprofit partner or the “doers” 1% for the Planet recognize as specifically aimed at environmental conservation and environmental education.