What We offer

Searching for the perfect gifts? Our beautiful long-lasting floral arrangements are customizable and ideal for bridesmaids, corporate gifting, or any special guests.

Bring your corporate space, weddings, storefront designs, and other special events to the next level. From custom floral designs and installations, centerpieces, bouquets, rose walls, personals, and much more, we’ll exceed your expectations for all of your floral needs!

Let us tailor your dream events and floral makeovers into reality! We work by your side to discuss and assess your unique goals and gather the most luxurious options suitable for your occasion.

 Ideal For

-Retail &Luxury/Boutiques 
-Salons & Spas 
-Corporate Gifting & Offices 
-Real Estate
-Events & Photoshoots
-Baby Showers 
-Bat Mitzvahs 

Why Should I Choose Preserved Florals

> Carry their fresh look, smell, and feel
> Preserved to last 365 days+ without water or sunlight
> Nearly effortless to upkeep
> Ability to increase budget on florals since replacement time drastically decreases
> Perfect for long-term rose walls and party favors
> Beautiful as centerpieces, bouquets, and personals
> Environmentally-friendly

Custom Packaging

We create unique custom packaging and arrangements that will delight your customers.
Our clients include True Religion, Smashbox, and many others.

placement wall

Whether you’re envisioning a picture-perfect flower wall
to enhance your special event or a luxurious floral arrangement for your lobby,
we offer a variety of customized florals.

Reach Out!

Email us at to start planning your perfect event or gifting! Please include the type of occasion, date and location of the event, floral requirements, and any additional necessary details such as quantity needed. 

How Can We Help?

Please address the occasion, date, and the location of your event, type of occasion, floral requirements, and any additional details such as quantities needed. 

Sit Back, Relax, and Get Excited!

We’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours after a representative has reviewed the information you’ve provided to discuss your request further.