Our Story

At Eternal Fleur, we value women from soil to CEO. We are a team of goal-driven female entrepreneurs who aspire to inspire. Our mission is to create economically-friendly real floral arrangements preserved to last 365 days+ without water or sunlight.

Eternal Fleur is proudly a part of the Female Founder Collective: a network of women-led businesses that support and empower other women-led and owned businesses in order to create a better community and continue progressing together. Eternal Fleur passionately advocates for “women supporting women” and strives to empower dream-chasing women entrepreneurs.

Eternal Fleur also prioritizes giving back to the planet. We utilize eco-friendly and sustainable practices, spread environmental efficacy awareness, promote practical yet impactful lifestyle changes, and vow to go plastic free by 2025! By purchasing a dozen of Eternal Fleur roses instead of a dozen of traditional roses, over 947.5 gallons of water is being saved. In addition, your purchase also supports the preservation of water in Ecuador, where our flowers are grown. Eternal Fleur is partnered with The Nature Conservancy and vows to donate a portion of our profits towards creating Water Funds in Ecuador.

Our Four Season Roses and Flowers™ are Rainforest Alliance certified, handcrafted, uniquely packaged, and nearly effortless to upkeep. In fact, the less they’re touched, the longer they’ll live! How do our gorgeous flowers stay intact for so long? Glycerin—an all-natural ingredient commonly found in bar soap—is the simple solution, which works to preserve the DNA of the product-structure.

Eternal Fleur aims to not only reach but exceed our customers’ standards and understands that consumer satisfaction must be earned. We acknowledge the value and importance of your special occasions and strive to add to these most memorable moments with our luxurious long-lasting floral arrangements. Quit engaging in those short-lived complicated lust affairs with traditional roses and start building a long-lasting relationship with our Four Season Roses and Flowers™ today!

Our Founders 

Meet Amanda Wojtas, the woman who blossomed her Eternal dream into reality as the founder and CEO of Eternal Fleur.

After graduating from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, Amanda Wojtas flourished her way through the fashion industry in the city that never sleeps. Working in corporate America, Amanda eventually found herself envisioning a change and reflected on her life-long dream of running her own business. With a love for flowers and a passion for making others happy, Amanda realized she could create something out of both since they go hand-in-hand; flowers make people happy. Recognizing that the fresh floral industry was highly saturated, Amanda shifted her focus towards long-lasting arrangements.

Amanda officially launched Eternal Fleur online in December 2017. Eternal Fleur operates as an e-commerce company, both DTC and B2B. Since her days at Fashion Institute of Technology, Amanda knew e-commerce was the right path to take. “I believed in e-commerce and knew it would shape the world that we live in. Nowadays, customers love to shop at the ease of a click and not waste their time in retail stores. We are here to create that online experience with quality products, efficient shipping and superb customer service.” -Amanda

Alongside Eternal Fleur’s growth, Amanda’s sense of empowerment continued to grow. In this spirit, Amanda wanted to empower other women and gave herself another mission: to ensure that female voices are not only heard but represented and utilized by Eternal Fleur. “Women are such a great asset to Eternal Fleur and have shaped the growth of our business. We have such a diverse team of women working with us and it's truly an honor to be able to listen to so many great suggestions. We are a team who believes in creating leaders, not just employees. We are here to empower women of all ages to follow their dreams and to be the best that they can be.” -Amanda

Amanda’s favorite Eternal Fleur style is the Bloom Box, which includes twelve Four Season Roses™ that symbolize the months in a year. “I love how the Bloom Box has a center compartment for your favorite items such as candles, chocolates, or even jewelry. It’s the perfect coffee table decor!” -Amanda

Meet Sarah Zurell, Eternal Fleur’s Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer determined to grow the company into “the next 1-800-Flowers.”

Sarah joined forces with Founder Amanda Wojtas in January 2021 as Eternal Fleur’s Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer eager to open new verticals, elevate, and operationalize the company as a whole. With a passion for environmental preservation and helping others, Sarah was captivated by Eternal Fleur’s socially conscious vision. “I’m excited to be in a position to educate the consumer about the impact that cut roses have on our planet and land use issues while still bringing a smile to their faces with a solution of flowers that last 365 days without sunlight or water.” -Sarah

Prior to joining Eternal Fleur, Sarah Co-Founded Pavemint, a tech startup committed to reducing Co2 emissions by 30% through addressing transportation and parking issues facing urban areas. Sarah also served as the Head of Content for Google Ventures’ “Strut,” a social commerce app that’s algorithm is now used by companies such as Amazon and Shopbop. Additionally, she helped transform several Pacific World Cosmetics’ TV-reliant brands into high-growth digital winners, resulting in PWC’s major exit from M&A.

Sarah’s Favorite Eternal Fleur Arrangement is the Ceramic Pave Bouquet—the premier Four Season Rose™. “It’s the most perfect addition to my round dining room table. I also feel great knowing I’m saving over 900 gallons of water a year by choosing an Eternal Fleur arrangement as opposed to traditional cut flowers due to the amount of water required to sustain one traditional dozen per-week.” -Sarah

In her spare time, Sarah advises “Can’t Do Nothing,” a charity that helps Syrian refugees by fighting homelessness and reuniting displaced families. Additionally, Sarah was appointed Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of the Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and Co-Chair for the Hollywood Walk of Fame Chamber where she works alongside elected officials on one of the largest revamp and rebrand projects in Southern California.

What is the Female Founder Collection?

"The Female Founder Collective is a network of businesses led by women, supporting women. Our mission is to enable and empower female owned and led businesses to positively impact our communities, both socially and economically."

A Women Owned Business 

We are extremely proud to have over 90% of our team to be women! At Eternal Fleur, we believe in women entrepreneurs regardless of their diversities. 

Rainforest Alliance Certification

All of our Four Season Roses and Flowers™ are Environmentally Friendly and are 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified! That's right we care about the environment.

Quality, Service, & Efficiency 

Our team's number one goal is to make our customer's happy! We are here to help you from placing your order to anything that happens in between.

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