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Our Story

Here at Eternal Fleur, our mission is simple. To create environmentally-friendly, preserved floral arrangements for our customers to enjoy for four seasons or longer. Our Four Season Roses and Flowers™ can last up to to 365+ days or longer without any water or sunlight. Additionally, each arrangement is hand-crafted with one-of-a kind packaging and responsibly sourced preserved flowers with Rainforest Alliance Certification.

We established Eternal Fleur with the intention of giving back to the planet by instilling a broader awareness of environmental efficacy and financial responsibility. Our primary motivation has always been to spread useful knowledge and promote practical lifestyle changes that start with anywhere from the home to the office. By now, I’m sure you’re wondering how do these exquisite flowers last so long? Well, it’s glycerin; a natural ingredient that is often found in a bar of soap, which preserves the DNA of the product-structure. Essentially, the less you touch your flowers, the longer they’ll live!

Eternal Fleur is a proudly women-owned and operated business that recognizes consumer satisfaction as an earned relationship, as it inspires us to design and develop quality products. Our brilliant team is here to create luxurious and long-lasting floral arrangements for your most memorable occasions. So stop lamenting over your two-week, short-lived, love affair with those pink roses in your kitchen, and try our Four Season Rose and Flower™ arrangements today!

The Founder

It all started with the love of roses and having a passion for making others happy.

Amanda Wojtas, Founder of Eternal Fleur, founded Eternal Fleur in December 2017 in the heart of New York City. Amanda grew up and flourished her way in the fashion world and knew she wanted to own her own e-commerce business since her first year at Fashion Institute of Technology. "I believed in e-commerce and knew it would shape the world that we live in. These days customers love to shop at the ease of a click and not waste their time in retail stores. We are here to create that online experience with quality products, efficient shipping and superb customer service."-Amanda

Eternal Fleur is a women's owned company. We believe in women entrepreneurs who believe in their dreams. "About 90% of our company is run by women and I plan to keep it that way. Women are such a great asset to Eternal Fleur and have shaped the growth of our business. We have women from all diversities working with us and it's truly such a honor to listen to everyone's suggestions. We are a team and believe in creating leaders not just employees. We are here to empower women of all ages to follow their dreams and to be the best that they can be."-Amanda .

"The Female Founder Collective is a network of businesses led by women, supporting women. Our mission is to enable and empower female owned and led businesses to positively impact our communities, both socially and economically."

Women's Owned business

We are extremely proud to have over 90% of our team be women! At Eternal Fleur, we believe in women entrepreneurs regardless their diversities.

Rainforest Alliance Certification

All of our Four Season Roses and Flowers™ are Environmentally Friendly and are 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified! That's right we care about the environment.

Quality, Service, & Efficiency

Our team's number one goal is to make our customer's happy! We are here to help you from placing your order to anything that happens in between.

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