Product Care

At Eternal Fleur, we take the time to select the finest quality preserved roses for our customers.

Each floral arrangement is hand crafted with one-of-a kind boxes and responsibly sourced
preserved roses with Rainforest Alliance Certification. With proper care, the preserved roses
can last a year or longer.

  • Please do not remove the preserved roses from their original box as the intent for The Four Season Rose™ is for it to stay securely in the box.
  • Keep your Eternal Fleur arrangement away from direct sunlight and in a room temperature of no more than 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Please do not water or spray the preserved roses with any chemicals. Any chemicals or water will damage The Four Season Rose™.
  • If your floral arrangement collects dust after some time, please use a duster lightly to remove the unwanted dust.
  • Note that if the preserved roses are placed near light color objects such as linens or other light colored fabrics it may cause the rose to bleed onto the fabric.
  • Keep in mind that the Eternal Fleur arrangements are delicate and must be handled with care!
  • Do not push or press the preserved roses, avoid touching them as much as possible as moisture and body oils will diminish their lifespan.