About Us

Our mission here at Eternal Fleur is simple. To create amazing quality preserved rose arrangements for our customers to enjoy for FOUR SEASONS or longer. Each floral arrangement is hand crafted with one-of- a kind boxes and responsibly sourced preserved roses with Rainforest Alliance Certification.

To sum us up in a nutshell…we are people pleasers. Our founders come from the service industry backgrounds and understand the paramount importance of making and keeping our clients happy. We take that passion in creating every arrangement…usually never settling for anything less than perfect.

But most importantly we want to bring you value for what you pay and not just sell you products similar to ours but that are cheap, small, and inadequate. We know what you want because we are the same people who enjoy these arrangements. We go out of our way to give you the quality of our arrangements and it will be immediately apparent….well four seasons long.

Our talented team is here to create unique and luxurious floral arrangements that will leave you with a preserved rose arrangements that last four seasons or longer but create memories worth a lifetime. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion large or small; from anniversaries to birthdays or just when you want to leave a lasting impression. The Eternal Fleur rose arrangement is a small gift that makes a big statement.