The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Eternal Fleur has been specialized in creating luxurious Four Season Roses, Peonies, Hydrangeas and developing diverse arrangement styles to bring the beauty of forever flowers into your everyday life. This year you can also see new beauties joining Eternal Fleur: the Four Season Peonies and the Four Season Fleur collections- they are your new choices for the holiday gifting ideas!

The flower that stays as strong as it is all year round has made a powerful statement. The Eternal Fleur’s flower requires No Water, No Sunlight, and Lasts 365+ Days. This is also an ultimate gift for friends, family, loved ones, and even yourself where the flower keeps your wishes strong and make your blessings last. 

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is inspired by a French Formal Garden and made with Four Season Roses and Hydrangeas. Combining the rich color of rouge and the soft touch of beige, the Secret Garden will elevate your game in a space décor. It is also an outstanding table centerpiece for a family holiday dinner and a holiday event. The floral style is a perfect presentation of the happy festive atmosphere with just the right amount of luxury.  



The Ceramic Pave Bouquet

With 16 to 18 Preserved Fleur in the bouquet, this floral arrangement can gather your fullest wishes to your beloved ones. The ceramic craftsman element adding to this setting has expressed the pursuit of beauty and elegance that we want to bring to our Eternal Fleur community. It is also a designated home decor piece where multiple colors are provided to tailor to your taste and color your space. 



Holiday Mini Bloom

The Mini Bloom is ideal for any occasion, either a thank you gift for Friendsgiving, or a present for a group of besties for the Holidays! It could perfectly fit to your budget if you are looking to spend less. These mini blooms offer a variety of colors that you can gift to your BFF with their own signature color. This mini bloom will become a witness of friendship and sisterhood within you fellow. The Holiday edition Mini Bloom offers three special colors with ribbon packaging- golden metal, rouge, white petal- to keep your gift on-themed for this holiday season!



Peonies Marble Round

The Peonies Marble Round has been a big muse for Eternal Fleur to create different floral styles. This ceramic style is inspired by a French Formal Garden and made with Four Season Peonies- the two newest elements innovated into the floral arrangement. As marble means stability and peonies are symbols of romance, prosperity, and fortune, they represent wonderful gift to bless a good year end and another good one to come. The Four Season Peonies collection also preserves and captures the blessings long for a better new year!