The Perfect Way to Stand Out

Rose Walls

Looking for that extra special accent to make any event, room, or photo pop? Eternal Fleur is now offering custom flower walls! Of course, our flower walls are beautiful, but what can they be used for?

 A flower wall is the perfect backdrop to any event. Instead of a photo booth, think bigger! This is an Instagram aesthetic dream! Whether you’re hosting a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, or product launch, your event will be remembered and documented. Who can resist toasting champagne in front of a gorgeous real flower wall?!


Are you a business owner? If you have a store, you need a window that is eye-catching. Any person walking down the sidewalk will surely notice a wall made of real roses, and they will definitely want to look in the window at what products you are selling. The best way to invite customers into your store is to grab their attention with an Eternal Fleur flower wall as a backdrop to any of your products.

Are you a model? Photographer? Creative director? An Eternal Fleur flower wall is the perfect backdrop to make your photoshoot stand out. Since each flower wall is custom, your photos are sure to be unique and beautiful. Your flower wall can be tailored to your photoshoot and can be made with any color Four Season Roses. The perfect complement to your subject’s beauty!

The possibilities are endless! And the best part? The flower walls are made from REAL roses that last ALL YEAR! Visit to learn more about your custom flower wall!