The Perfect Bridal Gifts

The Perfect Bridal Gifts

If you’re on this page then chances are you’re looking for a unique gift for a proposal, bridal shower, the wedding itself or some other wedding season event’s décor. With the advent of spring and summer the wedding season gets into full swing and we are here to give you the best, heartfelt advice. 

Maybe you’re about to propose to your long term partner and you want to make it as memorable as possible. Of course, the most long lasting and important aspects of the proposal are the ring and your love for each other but you want to go the extra mile, right? Get your significant other an arrangement of beautiful preserved roses! Not only will it make for a unique, long lasting memorable gift but also imagine your partner’s delight as the days pass and the roses don’t wilt. And if you ask us sentimental folks, we think it’ll be a beautiful representation of your lifetime love. 

If you’re trying to throw the perfect bridal shower then you’re probably already stressed out enough about the décor and getting the perfect games, receiving RSVPs and generally making sure the bride will love everything. Why deal with the added stress of whether or not your fresh flowers will be delivered on time? Just buy a preserved rose box arrangement a few days in advance! Plus, they’ll be a lovely long-term reminder for the bride about the love her friends have for her and any time you guys have a fight because of wedding planning stress it’ll just take one look at the roses to remind her who cares about her the most. 

If we’re talking about pre-planning, why not just get preserved roses for the wedding décor in advance. And since they last a year, you could ask your closest friends and family to take them home at end of the ceremony as gifts. What a beautiful and unique way to let them know how much their presence meant at your wedding. 

Sometimes men love roses too. But most of those men will never admit it. If this is your man, then take a look at our variety of silver, navy and black roses for him. Perfectly manly and hey, you can always pretend they’re for you while he enjoys the sight of them too. Anything that makes both of you happier during the wedding season is a yes!

What’s that? Tears in our eyes? We can’t help getting teary with joy as we know how much happiness our preserved rose box arrangements will be spreading soon. Happy wedding planning!