The Meaning Of Rose Colors

The Meaning Of Rose Colors

So you’ve gone ahead and made the grand gesture of getting someone a box of real preserved roses, an ultimate luxury item. But what do your roses mean? Which color should you be choosing when apologizing and which one when congratulating a friend? We have a simple guide for you here to refer back to when selecting a rose box so you know which color to pick. 

Red Roses: A red rose is a classic symbol of love, especially romantic love expressed for another person. Apart from an expression of love presenting red roses to another person is also a symbol of admiration for courage and passion. Deep red roses reveal an admiration for unconscious beauty. 

Pink Roses: Pink roses are a means of thanking someone and appreciating them. If there’s a particularly graceful person in your life who you admire you can show that admiration by sending them some pink roses as these are a symbol of grace. Pink roses are the go to when wanting to express happiness.

Yellow Roses: This is the color to pick when you want to send roses in a boxto your best friend to celebrate your friendship. Yellow roses also simultaneously say “you bring me joy” making them perfect for friends and lovers alike. Apart from these, yellow roses are a means of expressing joy and gratitude. 

Orange Roses: This passionate color stands for exactly that, passion. Whether it is in the form of desire for someone or enthusiasm for someone or something, these are the roses to pick when letting someone know how they awaken your passionate side. 

Black Roses: While some might love black roses simply for their gothic undertones, they are symbolic for death and departures. An appropriate gift for someone in mourning or even as a goodbye present for a loved one travelling away for a long time or as a sign of your heartbreak after a breakup. 

Lavender Roses: The cynical do not believe in love at first sight, but if it didn’t there wouldn’t be a color all for it right? If you want someone to know that the moment you saw them was when you knew they were for you then lavender roses are an elegant way of telling them. 

We seem to have covered the major bases here as to which occasions require which roses. We hope you have no trouble picking out an appropriate selection after this and impressing the other person with the care you put into selecting this gift for them!