The Heart of Your Home

Home decor is the heart of every person’s internal artist. It is where the home is allowed to be the canvas, and personal belongings act as the paintbrush to who you are. Whether that stems from a minimalist outlook with marble countertops and a black and white adorned floor, or a warm, wooden space; there is always room for accents. These accents serve as moments of individual thought, breeding a sense of freshness to a space that otherwise might feel as if it is lacking. There are numerous ways to accent a home; some people choose tables, a vase in the shape of something mystical, candles that so effervescently reverberate through a room, but my personal favorite are flowers: specifically long-lasting flowers.  

As many people, (pre-COVID-19), are usually on-the-go, home decor can be a difficult feat to accomplish, and even when given the opportunity, it’s hard to know how to transform a living area. Though many might turn to buying a new couch or dining room table, there are numerous alternatives that people overlook. I live life by the saying that less is more, and using flowers as an accent to a pre-existing space is one of the most fresh and brightening feelings in a home. However, a problem occurs when these flowers simply whither away and after about a week you’re left with the petals lying sullen on the coffee table…

This is the exact reason you should be switching to long-lasting flowers. Long lasting flowers are unique by design because they tackle a majority of the issues people have when purchasing new home decor. How long will it last and be relevant? Is it safe for the environment? Is it aesthetically pleasing for my home? These are all common concerns that are diminished by companies like Eternal Fleur, a brand that is Rainforest Alliance certified, offers 100% real flowers, and the best part of all is that they are women-owned and operated! (Can they get any better?)  

Actually, yes they can. Eternal Fleur is not only a unique company that offers customized packages that are ingeniously designed and hand-crafted, but they are also choosing to use their extensive platform to give back. Through this pandemic, every blue, Votive Bloom flower that has been purchased has an equal order donated to a hospital in the New York area to honor the men and women fighting at the frontlines of a disease that unfortunately doesn’t seem to be going away for a long time. Additionally, as allies of the Black Lives Matter movement, they are donating 10% of their revenue on the black, Four Season Rose to ActBlue charities. Now this is what I call a socially-relevant and aware girl group!  

Home decor should have meaning to it. There should be a reason why you are allowing a brand or piece of furniture to exist in the same realm where you wake up, eat food, hang with your family, and sleep every, single, day. Therefore, using long-lasting flowers on a nightstand, side table, by the window, in your walk-in-closet, or simply in a dining room, is more than just placing down intricately-crafted flowers, it's a statement. A statement that you stand for what Eternal Fleur stands for which is environmental friendliness, a determination for excellence, and a beautiful floral arrangement that makes your home the envy of all of your friends and family. So really, stop wasting your time worrying about the roses you cut from your garden, only to see them wilt away, instead switch to 100% real, long-lasting flowers, where the freshness of your home will become as rosy as any of our Four Season Rose collection.