Summer Loving: Have a Blast This Summer With These Dating and Gifting Ideas

Long hours of golden sunlight and cozy starlit nights make summer the ideal season for going on great dates. Whether you’re looking for something romantic, adventurous, or fun and easy, there are several ways you can surprise your special someone with a memorable summer day or night date. Trying to plan the perfect summer date can be difficult, but we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for some meaningful and unique date and gifting ideas to spark up that summer loving with your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or even your summertime fling!

Date Night by the Water

Whether the beach, the river, the lake, or the pool, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a nice place to set up by the water during summer. A date night by the water is a simple and romantic way to have some quality bonding time with your significant other. All you’ll need is a long and cozy blanket or towel, some food or snacks, and maybe even a bottle of wine. Lay out your blanket somewhere by water, set out your treats and drinks, and relax alongside your date while you two cuddle up to watch the stars, have meaningful conversations, and enjoy yourselves in the perfect romantic summer setting. 

P.S. Don’t forget to check the weather before planning!

Add a special gift to this special night!

Make this perfect summer date night even more memorable by surprising your date with a Four Season Roses and Flowers™ arrangement. Here are a few ideas for an arrangement that’s perfect for your date night by the water:

Mint Colored Flowers – The perfect color of flowers to add on to the beachy/summer vibes!

Votive Bloom – A smaller yet beautiful arrangement that’s easy to bring on this date or hide away for a great end of the night surprise.

Bloom Box – Not only is this arrangement beautiful and a great addition to the scenery, it also comes with a surprise! Choose from a Nest Fragrances® candle for some romantic lighting or a box of Godiva® chocolates for some luxurious snacking.

Arts and Crafts Date

Put your significant other’s artistic abilities to the test with a fun summer arts and crafts date. This adorable bonding experience is perfect for any time of the day and will provide both great memories and unique creations to keep and cherish!

Here are some fun arts and crafts ideas perfect for couples:

Add a special gift to this artsy date!

Surprise your date with the art of nature with one of our unique Four Season Roses and Flowers™ arrangements and get them inspired to create some art of their own! Here are a few ideas for arrangements that will spark your creativity:

Rainbow Colored Flowers – What’s more artsy than all of the colors of the rainbow combined onto beautiful roses?!

Evil Eye Arrangements – These arrangements with roses colored in black, mint, white, and royal navy are also a beautiful piece of art! The ‘evil eye’ is also a symbol of protection, good luck, and good spirit… So if you’re worried about how your arts and crafts may turn out, you may have some better luck with it’s protection nearby!

Dinner Date at Home

Summer can bring in big crowds to restaurants, especially over the weekend. Avoid a wait or rowdy atmosphere and have quality time together with a dinner date at home. For a cute bonding experience, cook a fun and delicious dinner together and even spice things up by making some new cocktails!

If you’re not already a master in the kitchen, here are some websites with plenty of great date night dinner ideas:

Here are some fun summertime cocktails you and your date can try out:

Add a special gift to this special night!

Bring even more romance and excitement to the home by surprising your date with a Four Season Roses and Flowers™ arrangement. Here are a few ideas for the perfect arrangement to gift during your dinner date night at home:

Red, Rouge, or Dark Pink Colored Flowers – These bold and beautiful colors are perfect for a romantic night surprise!

Heart Bloom – Shaped in a heart, this is the ultimate romantic arrangement! Additionally, it comes with a complimentary candle for the centerpiece: light it up over dinner for some romantic lighting and amazing scent of your choice.

Jardin Bloom Box – Inspired by a French Formal Garden, this arrangement is a luxurious table decor that you and your date could cherish over your dinner.

Outdoor Brunch Date

Nothing screams summertime like a nice outdoor brunch! This is the perfect date for you and your significant other to enjoy on the weekend or days off. Set up a table or blanket on your back porch, balcony, by the pool, or anywhere you can enjoy some summer sun, tasty brunch food, refreshing mimosas, and the company of your significant other. Don’t forget to check the weather and be sure to have an empty schedule the rest of the day if you plan on indulging in some mimosas (and don’t forget to stay hydrated)!

Here are some brunch recipe ideas that are perfect for dining outdoors:

Here are some unique summertime mimosa recipes:

Add a special gift to this special afternoon!

Want to add some decor to your brunch set up and surprise your date with a beautiful and fitting Four Season Roses and Flowers™ arrangement? Here are a few ideas for a great arrangement for this occasion:

Pink Pastel, Baby Blue, Yellow, or Peach Colored Flowers – These vibrant colors are perfect to match the summertime brunch vibes!

Forever Garden Bloom – Inspired by a Japanese garden, this arrangement is a perfect gift for an outdoor occasion with it’s natural look and glass vase which won’t get ruined by dirt, water, or spills outdoors.