Springing into March 2020! Wake up Your Inner Power!

Celebrating March, Women’s History Month! March is Women’s History Month, and it’s important for Eternal Fleur as we are a female-led company and we feel so relatable to be at the forefront to inspire more women to enact change and fulfill their dreams. 


Tracing back to 1978 when the idea of Women’s History Month grew to be a nationwide celebration, after four decades and more, the narrative of females have become diversified where women find themselves capable of wearing more hats and just as competitive as mens. We see more women have shined as leaders and connected the community to seek equality.

With the love of roses and the passion for building her own business, Amanda, our founder and the first seed of Eternal Fleur, stepped out her comfort zone into the entrepreneur path. Spotting the e-commerce trend and taking advantage of her experience within fashion, Amanda has brought up Eternal Fleur so strong shortly since 2017. The preserved roses that need no watering for a yearlong was a breakthrough in the floral industry and Amanda went further to implement this technique onto hydrangeas, peonies and more flowers to create even more possibilities for floral decoration. From a small flower workshop, Eternal Fleur now owns its own e-commerce platform with comprehensive customer service and manages many corporate event decorations. 

It was a challenging and bravery step she took. It was difficult to refine her business model, develop strategies, hire talents, and to get tangible results to assess success. Sharing how she paved her way in being independent and growing to pursue her own career, Amanda shares that “women entrepreneurship means taking risks every day to achieve my goals. Each day presents a new challenge that allows me to learn and excel in achieving my dream.” However, all is worthwhile when she sees how far she has overcome and how bigger her true potential is and will be.  

Remember, the Strength is already inside you. It’s inside of you right now.

Believe, all you need to do is believe and take action. This is a quote that we love so much in hope to keep inspiring you! Happy March!