Why Preserved Roses?

Why Preserved Roses?

Martin Amis has famously said, “Only in art will the lion lie down with the lamb, and the rose grow without the thorn.” We try to create exactly that with our preserving methods for roses. What we create isn't paper or silk or dried roses. These are actual, real live roses put through a special preservation process so that they look and feel just like fresh roses but last much longer and that is a year or longer.

What is the benefit to getting preserved roses over fresh roses? As stated previously, they last for four seasons rather than a few days meaning they’ll last you well over a year. Perhaps you love having fresh flowers around but they cost too much to buy on a regular basis. Buying our roses once will cost you less than buying flowers over a year’s time. These arrangements also make for great gifts. Roses are a go to when getting flowers for a loved one or even a friend. Preserved roses unlike fresh flowers won’t go dry after a few days. They’ll stay as beautiful as the day you got them for months and months, effortlessly and elegantly reminding your significant other that they mean a lot to you and you would go to the extra effort of buying preserved flowers for them. 

Preserved roses are also less hassle than the non-preserved variety. You don’t have to worry about putting them in water immediately or changing out the water or clearing up around them as petals keep falling off. It is actually advisable to keep the roses in the boxes they come in to prevent any damage so you’re effectively getting an elegant container along with the roses. Just make sure to keep the preserved roses away from direct sunlight as that can cause the color to fade. 

Why should you choose our services above those of other preserved roses retailers? We source our roses responsibly from places with Rainforest Alliance Certification. You can be absolutely sure when buying from us that there’s no environmental damage you’re contributing to. All of our rose arrangements are hand crafted and made with love and care so not only are you getting top quality products, you’re also getting all the love that went into making them. Isn’t a custom, lovingly made flower arrangement preferable to getting a mass produced indifferent object? We certainly think so. We hope our preserved roses bring you as much joy as they bring to us to make.