Mother’s Day- for the Bravest Female in the World

Shelter-in-place orders have lasted over a month now and you may have been lounging at home for almost 50 days or more that you lose track of time. However, even in quarantine, we should never forget that Mother’s Day is coming. A lot of you may think of giving mom a pajamas set as mommy now spends more time staying at home. Why not add a little creativity by gifting the preserved flowers that gives out a bigger statement to thank mom for her never-worn-out love! Decorate with Eternal Fleur’s Four Season Rose and Fleur™ Collection so mom can wake up to the beautiful floral corner of the house every morning thinking of being surrounded by her kid’s love messages.

Mother’s day may be just one day but moms never take a day off not caring for their family. During this Covid-19 pandemic, mothers are the bravest women who still go out doing groceries and cook for us. So let’s celebrate it everyday, with our Four Season Flowers™ that bloom 365+ days and make Mother’s day an year long thing! Our Four Season Rose and Fleur™ collections have incorporated diverse flowers in one floral arrangement- carnations, roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and more to gift mom with a garden. Ceramic vases can add up the elegance she wants for her home space. You can also give her a set of candles so staying at home can be an enjoyment for moms.

Even if you are away home you can still send your love and gratitude to mom because Eternal Fleur makes sure our nationwide and worldwide shipping are still working. Virtual chat with mom and send a “touchable” gift to her, too. Let’s cheer for every super mom in the world: mom, grandma, and mom-to-be! Stay home and celebrate with our flowers sent to your (mom’s) doorstep. Happy Mother’s Day!