Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12! That’s just a few weeks away! Moms do so much, and we know you want to show her you how much you love her. Don’t worry! We have a gift guide to show your mother how thankful you are for her answering your countless calls about how to pay your taxes and if that one sweater has to be dry cleaned. Here’s what to get your mom for Mother’s Day:


Keep it simple and thoughtful with flowers and a card. This is a classic gift that never disappoints. Unless you stop and get a grocery store bouquet on your way to brunch. Elevate this simple gift with flowers that last a year, and are a décor piece. Eternal Fleur’s new ceramic collection is a gorgeous bouquet of our Four Season Roses, in any color you wish, presented inside a sleek and elegant ceramic vase that comes in black, white, silver, and gold. This bouquet will become a permanent fixture in your mom’s home…at least for a year! Give a gift that is both beautiful and long-lasting to show Mom how much you care.


For the mother that loves experiences, tickets to a show and a dinner with you will allow some quality time that will be memorable. Choose whatever your mother likes best: ballet, a concert, or a play. She will think it is special just knowing you set aside a night for the two of you. Plus, you get to experience the gift too!

If your mom is busy and stressed, the best gift you can give is a spa day. Purchase a gift certificate to her favorite spa, or a new place you think she would love. Book her a couple of appointments and give her an excuse to get away from her hectic life and just relax for a day. Book it for her or she never will!

 Hopefully this was helpful if you’re wanting to go beyond the norm (a scarf or a cheap bouquet) this Valentine’s Day. There are also plenty more options for beautiful rose arrangements that last all year on Order your mother the perfect gift today!