Be Pinky, Be Happy - Your June Gifting Guide

We have been through much in 2020. We have experienced fear and insecurity, but also chances to rethink issues that matter more. Now, together we have come to the middle of the year. It’s time we get some happy vibes while keeping with our precautions.

June is the red rose month and June 23rd is National Pink Day. So let’s celebrate with Eternal Fleur. Let’s lift up our spirits with beautiful, strong flowers. Open your pink wine or rosé collection and toast to your stay-at-home partner in crime!

The pinky summer is here now!

The Votive Bloom

The pink lady in the glass.

A perfectly small gift for your team members who Zoom-chat with you everyday during the work-from-home weeks. A small “thank you” or “miss you” - add a personalized message on the glass to express the warmth. 

Forever Rose Bloom

Eternal Fleur’s newest inspiration is right in time for you to add a little pink on your night stand or bookshelf. These floral elements are the sweetest decorative ideas. It’s the pink month, so surround yourself with pink hues.  

Petite Jardin Garden

Bored at home and miss the fresh air and full blooms? Eternal Fleur brings the garden to your doorstep. Have an afternoon tea or open your pink wine or Rosé bottle and cheer by your partner's side with this petite french garden.

Ceramic Pave Bouquet & Bloom Box

With more me or family time, making the home space more comfortable can be a priority. This bouquet can be a total space designer, upgrading your room to a new level of elegance and taste. Have your holistic way of life - light up your scented candles for a relaxing aromatherapy.  

Let LOVE Bloom - Rainbow Eternity

A physical pride parade may not be possible in 2020, but LOVE cannot be stopped. It will cross borders, and it will cross dimensions - a virtual hug and a “touchable” blessing.

As flowers are always signs of love, Eternal Fleur wants to go beyond and make a bigger statement for all the loved ones. The rainbow-polished flowers are the tools with which we bridge the love! 

The Bloom Box

A box of all the good things about love, holding the aroma and color of happiness. With a chocolate sweet, let’s forget about the bitterness and enjoy this moment. Live life to the fullest!

The Rainbow Votive Bloom

It’s the love we want to protect and cherish. It’s fragile yet strong. Any form of love is great encouragement for us to become brave and be better. Send these little love blessings to the people who stand by our sides through the highs and lows.  

Black Velvet Large Grand Square - 36 Roses

The rainbow promises.

It is not always happiness - there are sweet and bitter times on the way to our true self and happy endings. But remember, all challenges will become fruitful results. Each bloom will be the metal and pride that you have overcome and a new phase of a new story.

Love will rule!