How To Display Preserved Roses Around Your Home

How To Display Preserved Roses Around Your Home

We always make an effort around our homes to make it look beautiful when there are guests coming over. But what about the importance of making your home beautiful for yourself, the person who spends the most amount of time in it. A lovely, calming space will make you feel happier and more relaxed as soon as you walk in the door. One of the easiest ways to make any space instantly look more beautiful is to have some flowers there and with real preserved roses you don’t need to be worrying about replacing flowers on a daily basis. 

So how to go about incorporating this loveliness into your home? Here are a few tips on how to instantly add a boost to your décor with preserved rose box arrangements. 

Breakfast with Roses: Place a Eternal Fleur Preserved Rose Box Arrangement on your dining table or breakfast nook, whatever it is that you have set. Whether you’re sipping on your morning coffee or relaxing with a good meal after a long day at work, having preserved roses beautifully displayed, perhaps along with some other beautiful crockery, will make you feel happier just by being around a nice setup. 

Wake up to Roses: Have an Eternal Fleur box of preserved roses on your side table, maybe with a scented candle or two and some essential oils. And voila! You have an Instagram worthy sight to wake up to and look over right before going to sleep. 

Cook with the Roses: We’re not suggesting you toss our preserved roses in your next meal, that’s definitely inadvisable. But having roses around the kitchen instantly gives it a more elegant and put together vibe. And hey, adults have flowers in their kitchens don’t they!

Bathe with the Roses: Strew some rose petals into your bath for a really luxe feel along with some bath salts and light up some candles to make a home spa and relax. And what else is missing in this scenario? Flowers! Place a box of preserved roses either on your bath tray or near your sink (nowhere where water will directly get on it) and get the spa feel at home. 

Work with the Roses: Set up a box of preserved roses at your work station at home along with some beautiful stationery. Not only will you feel more motivated to work, having beautiful things around you will definitely help you stay more relaxed when you work. Also when you take pictures for social media about how productive you’re being you need flowers in the shot don’t you!

We hope we’ve given you some amazing ideas about how to display your preserved roses to get maximum beauty benefit out of them and always have them in sight, rather than in some forgotten corner of the house.