Four Season Fleur

by eternalfleur Admin

Discover four season Fleur

In addition to our existing flower collections at eternalfleur, we are so excited and thrilled to introduce to you our new collection - the Four Season Fleur. This collection presents floral arrangements of beautiful and dazzling flowers which include peonies, roses, hydrangeas and carnation and last up to 365+ days without water or sunlight.

Peonies are the favorite flowers of so many flower lovers, hence one of the reasons it made its way into this fabulous collection. In addition to its fame and popularity amongst flower lovers, peonies are attractive, wide-spread, abundant, low maintenance, long lasting, lush and rounded bloom that comes in pink, white, peach, yellow or red colors.


The rose is another famous bloom that is loved by all for its beauty and exoticness. Asides the beauty, the rose is also a bloom that can live for a very long time, and it is a source of Vitamin C which is a good antioxidant for rendering environmental pollutants ineffective. Roses come in different colors such as blue, red, peach, violet, mauve, pink and magenta, and these are the colors we have featured expressively in our new floral arrangements.

Other flowers that make up our new floral arrangements are the hydrangeas and carnation blooms. Hydrangeas are delicate, glamorous, wide-spread and stunning big bloom flowers that don’t require high maintenance. They come in frosty white, blue, pink, red and purple colors.
In the same vein, the carnation flowers are flowers that are colorful, lush and long lasting, and they are represented in white, purple and pink, green, peach, red, yellow and green petals.


 Jardin Bloom Box

This collection features stunning and unique arrangements such as the Satori Bloom Box, Blooming Garden Table, Tuscan Garden, Secret Garden, Eden Garden Square, Moss Garden Votive, Jardin Bloom Box, Le Grand Jardin and Rose De Luxe.


The inspiration behind this new collection lies in the desire to have a mix of gorgeous petals which denote different things (such as romance, love, purity, good luck, beauty, prosperity and riches) in the same place for a long time, all year round.

The flowers in this collection are fresh, colorful, vibrant and beautiful blooms presented in gorgeous flower containers, vases and bouquets which are perfect for celebrating birthdays, Valentine Days, graduations, thanksgiving, and they are perfect for bridal bouquets and wedding decorations.

Asides from their delicate textures, long lasting/low maintenance attributes and beautiful looks, one awesome fact about this collection is that these arrangements have been designed to last Four seasons and longer, without you having to tend to it as religiously as you do other floral arrangements.

Regardless of the fact that the Four Season Fleur collection is a new arrival, it has become wild fire sales as flowers lovers are daily placing their orders for these magnificent masterpieces
In all, the new Four Season Fleur collection are floral arrangements that are full of exotic and wild flowers in their natural beauty, which can be used for diverse occasions such as weddings, graduations and anniversaries; and they are also perfect for home, shop and office decorations.