Flowers for Thanksgiving Season

The very first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621 over a three-day harvest festival that took place in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Curiously, Thanksgiving Day did not start having its section in our calendars until 1863 when Abraham Lincoln proclaimed it a national holiday. Over centuries, Thanksgiving developed into a sacred time of the year that is filled with ample self-reflection and during which family traditions are cherished and gratitude is expressed. Flowers can be an excellent way to symbolize the annual holiday, especially when looking for a simple, yet thoughtful gift to bring to the host or hostess of the celebratory meal.

Yellow flowers burst with happiness. They symbolize the bonds of friendship and the taste of success and pride.

Given that Thanksgiving tends to be associated with fall leaves, yellow and orange roses are not only a perfect choice for the occasion but are also an excellent addition to Thanksgiving décor. Yellow roses represent happiness and joy, while orange roses are quite vibrant, thereby conveying energy and excitement. Meanwhile, peach roses symbolize sincerity and gratitude, whereas dark pink roses stand for gratitude and appreciation, which certainly renders these flowers to serve as fine selections for the Thanksgiving season. At the same time, pink roses are another ideal Thanksgiving flower as pink roses serve to express gratitude, becoming particularly pertinent to the people you appreciate and celebrate most, especially on a day of giving thanks.


Setting the table for Thanksgiving is just as important as preparing the meal itself, and flower arrangements are often an integral part of table décor. An arrangement that combines red, orange, and yellow roses can become an ideal centerpiece, highlighting classic fall and Thanksgiving colors. If the host is leaning towards a more rustic vibe, then mixing and matching roses that have more “earthy” tones like pale peach, light pink, mint green, and white will make for an ideal country-style flower arrangement. 

Regardless of color, Eternal Fleur is grateful for your love and support! Happy Holidays! 

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