Father’s Day 2021: Dad Deserves Something Sentimental Too!

Once a man becomes a father, a side to him that he never knew existed is brought out. He sacrifices a part of the persona he’s used to in order to open up a soft, caring, loving, and fatherly spot for his children. Our fathers do so much for us—often more than we’re able to fully recognize—without anticipating anything in return. Fathers deserve to know how thankful we are for their endless help, support, and love, and Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show this appreciation. 

Floral Gifts Are Actually Great for Father's Day

Say what?! Contrary to more outdated beliefs, flowers are not exclusively for women. Although women typically have a higher interest in flowers, men can appreciate flowers as well, especially when they hold a high sentimental value. Flowers and Mother’s Day go nearly hand-to-hand with one another. On the flip side, although it’s become more common over the years, gifting flowers on Father’s Day still isn’t nearly as popular. However, gifting your father with flowers on Father’s Day is actually a great idea. It’s super unique, creative, and will make him feel special in a way he likely won’t be expecting. Flowers are the perfect way to show love, admiration, and appreciation, so why shouldn’t Dad be gifted with something that resonates with the concept of Father’s Day and the strong loving relationship you share with one another? Let’s continue challenging the outdated stigma that flowers are strictly for women and normalize filling Dad’s special day with gifts as sentimental as flowers!

Some of Our Favorite Flowers for Father's Day

As with any occasion, you want to pick out a special arrangement that your father will love. Because Father’s Day isn’t as popular of a day for gifting flowers as other special days (unfortunately), you may find it a bit more challenging to decide on an arrangement for dad. We’re here to help! Here are some colors and arrangements that we believe could make for the perfect Father’s Day gift:

Dark-Colored, Black, or White Flowers

Colors such as black, white, or darker colors are traditionally associated with Father’s Day. If you’re stuck on deciding which color of flowers to go for, you can’t go wrong with colors that suit the day perfectly! We offer many of our arrangements in black, white, rouge, and royal navy—all fantastic color options to make for a more traditional Father’s Day look.


Looking for something simple and mellow? The Enso arrangement from our Four Season Fleur™ Zen Collection is inspired by a Japanese garden. This is the perfect soothing decor that dad would love to display at his office desk or nightstand. Enso in the color white winter is a great choice for Father’s Day, however, Enso is also available in red and dark pink.

Galaxy Flowers

If you have the best dad in the galaxy, we have the perfect way to show him! An arrangement from our Galaxy Flowers collection is the ultimate way to make dad feel out of this world this Father’s Day. These roses are black-based with the perfect amount of metallic spotting to give a beautiful galaxy look and are available in thirty unique arrangement types.

Metallic Flowers

Your father is strong and has always had your back; gift him with flowers that have a luxurious strong and bold appearance. Our metallic blue, gold, and silver-colored flowers look as though they’ve actually been plated by a metal covering while still offering the beauty of a rose. Make your father feel like a winner this Father’s Day with an arrangement that’s so sharp and shiny, it could practically be a trophy!

Fleur-N-Go™ - Rose Car Fragrance

Let your father experience the fresh scent of flowers anytime he’s on the go with Fleur-N-Go, the first ever real rose car fragrance designed to last 60+ days. Fleur-N-Go is made with a single Four Season Rose™ and natural rose oils. This luxurious natural smelling car fragrance will make dad smile and think of you during all of his travels.

Pura x Fleur-N-Go Bundle Set

Can’t decide whether dad would prefer a luxurious scent experience on the road or inside? Choose both! The Pura x Fleur-N-Go Bundle Set will allow him to experience the fresh scent of flowers wherever he goes. This bundle includes one Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser Device, one Red Rose Fragrance, one Mixed Floral Fragrance, and one Fleur-N-Go and saves you over $20!