Evil Eye

Dispel the Bad and Bring Yourself some Protection and Wisdom
& Let Blue Bring You the Calmness

Sometimes you need a symbol that gives you the power to restore energy or to recover from disturbance. Eternal Fleur wants to be that reliable partner to accompany you through all the ups and downs.

That’s why we wanted to borrow the wisdom from our ancestors, seek their courage to overcome all the hardship and struggles. Be humble and learn from other people’s lessons and grow to be better.  

Traced back to Mediterranean and Asian tribes, evil eye was widely regarded as the curse generated from envy minds. It also became common from Greece, Turkey to Portugal and across African and American continent. To reflect and repel the wicked, the evil eye amulet, taken the form of blue eyes, usually the concentric blue and white circles, were created and transformed into the charm to ward off the true evilness and dispel curses.

You may feel trapped along the way so let’s make this eye-like symbol of protection a reminder for you- to encourage yourself and your beloved ones to “BELIEVE” in yourself/ themselves. YOU CAN MAKE IT! Don’t get lost in and drawn in the strong insecure emotions.

So stay calm and keep carry on.
The evil eye’s dark blue and light blue have their own positive meanings: Dark blue represents the good karma and energies. The light blue is the color of sky and it symbolizes truth. Both colors are direct protection against evilness.  

And in 2020, blue are the characters of those front line heroes and sheroes who sacrifice their own family time and take the risk to fight against the pandemic. So remember: be grateful and be positive.
Flowers and the good will can attract better vibes. We are in this together!