Valentine's Gift Guide

This year for our Valentine's Collection, we are introducing new beauties such as a the Velvet Rose Box, the Mini Heart and Heart Bloom- they are your new choices for Valentine's Gift Guide ideas!

Bloom Box

The Bloom Box is our premier acrylic rose arrangement made with our Four Season Rose collection. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this is the ideal gift to give that will last you all four seasons. Along with these beautiful roses, you can personalize your box with a choice of Nest Fragrances Votive Candle or Godiva chocolate. It is the perfect piece of decoration for any occasion big or small.



Mini Heart Bloom and Heart Bloom

Love is in the air with this dreamy gorgeous arrangement! Both of these beauties are made from our premier Acrylic Rose collection made with The Four Season Rose. So what better way to express your love by gifting The Heart or Mini Heart Bloom to your loved one. You may also personalize The Heart Bloom by adding a Nest Fragrance candle. Not only are these heart blooms the greatest gift, they make an outstanding centerpiece that will leave your family and friends struck! 



Velvet Grand Square

Introducing the new velvet box this year at Eternal Fleur, there is the option of a pink or black velvet box to go along with your beautiful set of flowers. You may also personalize your arrangement with Swarovski diamonds to add an extra touch to it! 



Ceramic Pave Bouquet

With a lovely section of colors to your 16 to 18 preserved fleur Ceramic Pave Bouquet, this floral arrangement is the perfect home decor piece to add a touch of beauty and elegance. In its unique cylinder form, you can add crystals made from Swrovski with the “I Love You” saying or the Evil Eye.



Harvest Bloom

To harvest something, means to pick or gather it. In that case, this Harvest Bloom is made with Four Season Hydrangeas, Four Season Roses, Four Season Peonies and Four Season Gypsophila. The Harvest Bloom is part of our Eternal Fleur Rustic Collection and it is inspired by an Italian Tuscan Garden. This mini charming arrangement is a must have for your home or office space.



Peonies Marble Round

Make a statement with this exquisite Marble Ceramic Round that is inspired by a French Formal Garden. This particular set is part of our Eternal Fleur Le Jardin Collection crafted from ceramic and is made with Four Season Peonies. As peonies symbolize romance, prosperity and fortune, this is the perfect gift to give your loved one.