Eternal Fleur’s Women’s Campaign

Eternal Fleur values women from soil to CEO and is excited to launch our first ever Women’s Campaign! Beyond flowers, women are the most divine creations, and we want to honor them. Whether in an executive position, taking care of a family, working a minimum wage job, pursuing a degree, or so on, every woman has a story. Through the stories of other women, we can learn, motivate, and grow together. The Women’s Campaign is a celebration of female empowerment across the board. Whether you’re still at your roots or blossoming, this is a great opportunity for all women to get inspired, open up conversations, and reflect on the inspirational women in their lives. 

What Can I Expect?

We’re thrilled to have nine incredible and inspirational women join the campaign’s launch to bring you a bit of their stories and what inspires them. Starting July 27th, Eternal Fleur will be promoting the Women’s Campaign via our Instagram (@eternalfleur). We will be honoring these women and sharing more about who they are, what they do, what inspires them, and much more. 

Let’s Meet the Women!

Cassidy Gard

“A mantra that has guided my life—I think it every single morning—is ‘It is a very good day to have a very good day.’ And then guess what? You’re gonna have a really good day; the best day ever! Every day is the best day ever.”
Cassidy Gard is a reporter, producer, and founder who found her calling in broadcast journalism at a young age. Cassidy’s individual work on Youtube expanded her niche of female empowerment-based content. She’s covered movies with strong female leading actresses such as Trainwreck and About Time. In 2016, Cassidy launched CiGi TV where she produces, shoots, and edits all of the content on her page. Cassidy also works as a producer for Good Morning America and 20/20. Additionally, Cassidy is building a brand with her Airbnb cabin located in Paradise Valley, Montana called “Cosmic Goodness”.

Espree Devora

“Hearing that every ‘no’ is one step closer to a ‘yes’ is that fuel that I need to keep on going and staying committed to my dreams.”
Espree Devora, also known as “the Girl who Gets it Done,” is a speaker, author, podcaster, and founder of WeAreLATech, a tech and startup community based in Los Angeles. Espree is determined to shift digital connections with tech professionals into valuable relationships with real-life experiences and inspire the voices of other women in the tech and various industries. Espree was listed by Inc. Magazine as one of the top 30 women in tech to follow and her podcast, “Women in Tech,” was featured as one of the best podcasts of 2019 in Harper’s Bazaar.

London Kemp

“A woman who has inspired me is my grandmother. She was a teacher for special needs children for 43 years in Texas at a time when most women weren’t educated. She inspired both my mother and me to go after our dreams.”
“I’m never afraid to change or pivot if it means getting what I want.”
London Kemp is the Director of Global Real Estate & Facilities at Amazon and former Director of Corporate Real Estate and Studio Real Estate & Facilities at Netflix. Additionally, she serves as the Vice-Chair for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. London is a leader who is determined to empower and influence those around her. She acts as a mentor, strategist, and planner and continually aims to advance and better herself in her career as well as her personal life. Keeping an optimistic view of life has led London to her success.

Katie Enright

“A mantra that has guided my life is ‘Life shrinks and expands in proportion to one’s courage.’”
Katie Enright is an outgoing and dedicated actress, director, producer, and founder. Dog Park, a 2017 short comedy and romance film, is one of Katie’s most notable projects which won multiple awards across various international film festivals. Her current project lies within her recently launched company, Lavinia. Katie announced Lavinia’s plans to create a new cannabis-infused lubricant, oh.hi, after Katie discovered the correlation between cannabis and increased sexual drive. Her goal with oh.hi is to contribute “an honest dialogue about sex and masterbation” and allow women to feel more control over their own unique sexual pleasures.

Lizz Nguyen

“Why be stuck in a box when you were born to stand out?!”
Lizz Nguyen is a personal stylist with years of experience in retail, wholesale, and assisting big-name designers. Lizz founded her own company, The Stylizt, to help others elevate their wardrobe game to fit their unique personalities and diversify their closets. On The Stylizt, Lizz promotes her favorite trendy clothing and accessories available for purchase and writes blogs to share inspiration, her daily thoughts, cool fashion finds, and more. Lizz’s passion is to help others feel their best and most confident through the power of fashion.

Teri Bocko

“The greatest gift I received growing up was travel. Everything was modest but seeing the world made me feel rich.”
Teri Bocko found her passion for photography as she travelled around the world and desired to capture beautiful moments and places along her journeys. After graduating from college, Teri moved to Los Angeles and founded Teri B Photography. Teri considers herself a visual storyteller; she takes a journalistic approach with a dash of artistic flair in her photography style. She aims to capture organic memories and a collection of moments for her clients that tell the story of their special day. Before photography, Teri pursued acting and believes that her experience in performing unconsciously trained her to anticipate and naturally capture moments.

Tatiana Logan

“By staying positive, I manifest more positive things.”
Tatiana Logan came to the United States from the Russian Far East in 1995 and completed her education at Willamette University. She began her career in law at a regional firm in Oregon. After sixteen years of experience, Tatiana founded her own firm, Elwood Law. Tatiania later joined Harris Bricken, a large reputable international law firm where she continued to grow her investment funds in complex domestic and international transactions practice. Since Oregon’s 2014 cannabis legalization, Tatiana has represented several cannabis companies including private equity funds investing into the industry. Tatiana was awarded Best Lawyer Recognition in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Amanda Wojtas

“I believe that anything is possible even if you’re a woman. You just need to get creative and figure out how to achieve your end goal because when you do, you will feel like even the impossible is possible.”
Amanda Wojtas blossomed her Eternal dream into reality as the founder and CEO of Eternal Fleur. After graduating from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, Amanda flourished her way through New York City while pursuing a career in the fashion industry. Amanda grew tired of working in corporate America and decided to pursue her life-long dream of running her own business. With a love for flowers and making others happy, Amanda realized she could do something with both since they go hand-in-hand; flowers make people happy. She shifted her focus towards long-lasting arrangements after recognizing their environmentally-friendly benefits and how highly saturated the fresh floral industry was. Amanda officially launched Eternal Fleur online in December 2017 and her success has made her eager to help inspire other women entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and make their voices heard.

Sarah Zurell

“When we work together to uplift one another the possibilities become endless. Empowered women empower women, never forget that.”
Sarah Zurell is Eternal Fleur’s Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer who joined forces with Founder Amanda Wojtas in January 2021 determined to grow the company into “the next 1-800-Flowers.” Prior to joining Eternal Fleur, Sarah Co-Founded Pavemint and served as the Head of Content for Google Ventures’ “Strut”. Sarah helped transform several Pacific World Cosmetics’ TV-reliant brands into high-growth digital winners, resulting in PWC’s major exit from M&A. Additionally, Sarah was appointed Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of the Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and Co-Chair for the Hollywood Walk of Fame Chamber. In her spare time, Sarah advises “Can’t Do Nothing,” a charity that helps Syrian refugees by fighting homelessness and reuniting displaced families.

You Can Get Involved, Too!

As we celebrate these nine women, we’re also calling out to YOU to nominate the inspirational women in your life! On Instagram, you’ll have the opportunity to nominate a friend, family member, or any other inspirational women in your life by tagging them and writing a brief pitch about how they’ve inspired you. We will be selecting some of our favorite nominees to become a part of the campaign and have a chance in the spotlight themselves! 


You read that right, the Women’s Campaign will conclude with a giveaway with a prize value of $250! This includes a $100 gift card to Safe & Chic along with an Eternal Fleur box of four Four Season Roses™ valued at $150! Tune into our Instagram to learn more about how you can participate in this giveaway with just a couple of likes, tags, and follows. To participate, you must be at least eighteen years of age and a U.S. resident. One lucky winner will be randomly selected after August 10th. The winner will be announced on Instagram, so be sure to keep checking in! 

The Forever Rose Bloom: Our Premier Women’s Campaign Arrangement

We’ve selected the beautiful Forever Rose Bloom as our premier Women’s Campaign arrangement. The Forever Rose Bloom features three Four Season Roses™ in a circular glass vase, allowing you to see the elegant roses bloom from all angles. These three roses are special as each rose represents a strong quality of an inspirational woman. Here are the qualities represented by the three roses:
 - Perseverance: Whether trying to find a stable job, run a successful business, get yourself together after a difficult situation, take care of a family, make your voice heard, pass a hard test, effectively balance your responsibilities, or so on, women are faced with obstacles we must fight to overcome. Although these battles may take some time to defeat, perseverance is key to staying on your feet. One of the most common qualities in successful or inspirational women is the ability to persevere, even through the hardest of times.
 - Wisdom: Being wise runs deeper than being smart. You don’t have to have a high IQ score or be an amazing cook or a math wizard to have wisdom. Wisdom isn’t learned, it’s gained over time. It's a quality developed through experience and perseverance that allows you to make better judgments, be compassionate, and have a clear understanding of yourself and the world around you. Therefore, wisdom enables you to help others. Wisdom is a quality of an inspirational woman because wise women support other women and help guide women through unfamiliar situations.
 - Empowerment: Women have made incredible progress over the years, but sometimes we still find ourselves feeling like we must go the extra mile in order to make our voices heard, be taken seriously, or be viewed as strong individuals. Instead of letting yourself get discouraged, use this as motivation to prove your empowerment as a woman. Empowerment is about knowing your worth, going firmly after your goals and dreams, living with a purpose, and never settling for less. Empowerment is a quality of inspirational women because empowered women empower other women.

Put the Floral Embodiment of an Inspirational Woman Into the Hands of an Inspirational Woman in Your Life!

We hope the Women’s Campaign will incite you to think about the inspirational women in your own life. Is there a woman who’s inspired you through her perseverance, wisdom, and empowerment? Make her feel honored and special like she deserves by gifting her with the floral embodiment of an inspirational woman—the Forever Rose Bloom! With fourteen unique colors to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find her perfect match. To make this gift even more meaningful, take advantage of our complimentary card message and write her a meaningful message describing why you chose this special arrangement for her, how she’s inspired you, or any sentimental way to thank and honor her. The Forever Rose Bloom will be a reminder to the inspirational woman or women in your life that they are loved and appreciated all year long.