Happy Chinese Valentine's Day!

Ok, let me just say it, I LOVE love. No matter your age, being loved and giving love are two of the most necessary human abilities we search for in this world of seven billion people. Especially during this difficult time of COVID-19, love has been celebrated, tested, and been a demonstration of empathy and respect that is far greater than “society as normal.” The real question is, why are we not celebrating the magic of such an inexplicable and profound feeling more often? Well if you are tied to Chinese culture in any way, August 25th is coming soon, and we all know what that means…

It means, happy Qixi Festival! Also known as, “The Legend Of The Double Seventh Festival,” this day celebrates the age old tale of Niulang and Zhinu; a story that has been passed down since the Han Dynasty. These two star crossed lovers were unfortunately broken apart by Zhinu's mother, but certain mythical creatures allowed for them to meet once a year on Qixi, which is now globally recognized as Chinese Valentine’s Day. This historic, and annual tradition is a testament to the power of attraction, love, and respect that especially in these harder times should be commemorated daily, (if you ask me).

As it is tradition to give and receive flowers on this auspicious occasion, I beg you to look for a safer, environmentally-conscious alternative that ensures that the magic will continue after midnight. That is correct, I am talking about luxury, long-lasting flowers. Think about it this way, you buy a beautiful bouquet and, for August 25th they are lovely, and vibrant, and exquisite by design, but in a couple of days, let alone weeks, their petals become solemn and somewhat droopy. The physical memory of Chinese Valentine’s Day is now replaced with a flower-crisis that can easily and stylishly be avoided. How do you avoid this, you ask? Well, just head over to Eternal Fleur.

Eternal Fleur is one-of-a-kind company that designs luxury, long-lasting floral arrangements that last up to 365 days+. With their key ingredient being glycerin, often found in shampoos and bars of soap to elongate the timeline of their shelf life, the flowers are environmentally sourced and officially Rainforest Alliance Certified. Eternal Fleur arrangements can exist without water or sunlight, so their newfound presence in your home will be hassle-free, yet meet your home decor needs. Additionally, each arrangement is packaged to perfection and customizable, meaning your loved one, (or yourself) is getting a gift from your heart, that was made with love from our talented employees.