Bridesmaids Gifts

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Bridesmaids Gifts

Are you looking for Bridesmaids Gifts ?

Preserved Roses are the perfect choice for your bridesmaids. And here's's a rose that will last up to four seasons or longer without any water or sunlight. If you don't know much about preserved roses, they are real roses that are coated in glycerin. The glycerin is a wax like solution that allows the rose to last with little to no maintenance.

That's right, your bridesmaid's gift will get them not only through your bridal shower but your wedding and possibly even past your honeymoon. Below are some of our best selling Bridesmaid Roses:

Verre Bloom

What Should I Choose?

It all depends on you. Are you looking to buy more than one gift for your bridesmaids? Do you have a set budget? Is there a certain theme you're looking to follow? At Eternal Fleur, we offer all types of rose arrangements; everything from single roses to bridesmaids boxes.

Bridesmaids Box

The Bridesmaids Box is ideal for someone who wants to buy an entire bridesmaids gift box. This style includes a Votive Bloom with the saying "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?", a Nest Fragrances candle, and a box of Godiva Chocolates.

Mini Bloom

The Mini Bloom is perfect to show off a single preserved rose. It goes well gifted by itself or with other bridesmaids gifts. You can choose from a variety of rose colors such as pink, red, gold, white and more!

Votive Bloom

The Votive Bloom is ideal for someone who is looking to personalize their bridesmaid's gift. You can choose from a variety of rose colors and create names or sayings such as Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor.

Jumbo Rose Croc Box

The Jumbo Rose Croc Box is perfect if you are looking for a large preserved rose. This single rose makes a big statement