Back to School: Bloom Your Classroom or Dorm Room

For over a year, many students and teachers have adapted to taking classes or teaching over a computer screen. However, change is just around the corner. Most schools and universities have worked hard to adapt and implement methods that they believe will safely and efficiently allow students and teachers to finally return back to an in-person education this school year. Although it’s exciting to see progression back to normalcy, the thought of this transition can certainly be nerve-racking for some. According to a Rutger’s study, flowers impact happiness immediately and contribute to creating a positive long-term effect on moods. Now more than ever, students and teachers could use an extra boost of positivity before returning to the classroom. Eternal Fleur is here to help with luxurious flowers that last longer than the school year!

For Those Who Plant the Seed of Knowledge

“Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge that grow forever.” -Anonymous

Teachers and professors dedicate their lives to building the lives of others. They work long and hard hours, juggle multiple tasks at once, and constantly make sacrifices for their students. Last spring, the pressure that teachers faced was higher than ever as they were quickly thrown into unfamiliar situations and forced to create entirely new strategies to successfully teach a virtual class. As teachers finally begin to return back to their classrooms and professors return back to their desks and offices, they have lots of preparation to do before that first bell rings. It’s been a while, and their classrooms and work spaces are probably in need of a makeover. Bloom your classroom or treat a beloved teacher to a beautiful Eternal Fleur arrangement! Here are some ideas to help find the perfect unique arrangement for a special teacher or professor:

Hydrangeas: This unique flower’s name stems from two Greek words—“hydro” meaning water and “angos” meaning vessel—reflecting the flower’s requirement of lots of water in order to flourish. This makes hydrangeas the perfect flower for preschool or elementary school teachers who must provide an abundance of care and attention in order to help their young students grow and mature. Some perfect classroom decor arrangements featuring our Four Season Hydrangeas™ include the Harvest Bloom, the Eden Grand Square, and the Enso. Polish your own classroom, gift your child’s new teacher, or remind a previous teacher how big of an importance they were in your or your child’s life!

Red Roses: Red roses are elegant, mature, and a way of expressing admiration and respect for someone. This makes them a great flower for college professors who typically share a more professional relationship with their students. Some perfect office or desk decor arrangements featuring our Four Season Roses™ available in Red include the Marble Glass Round, the Ceramic Grand Square, and the Red Enso. Make your office space luxurious or gift a professor who made a huge impact in your college education!

Rainbow Flowers: Rainbow Flowers are perfect for teachers in the field of arts. With their many bright and bold colors, they’re guaranteed to stand out and make a great match for an art classroom, music classroom, drama/performing arts classroom, and so on. Rainbows are said to spark creativity, so not only would these flowers bloom the classroom, they’ll fill the classroom with creative vibes. In addition to teachers of the arts, Rainbow Flowers are also perfect for any teacher who either proudly supports the LGBTQ+ community or is a part of it themselves. This will allow them to make a bold and meaningful statement through the beauty of flowers. Some perfect classroom decor arrangements featuring our Rainbow Flowers include the Velvet Grand Square, the Heart Bloom, or the Ceramic Grand Square

Small Arrangements: If you’re searching for a smaller gift or decor, our Votive Bloom, Peony Votive Bloom, Mini Bloom, or Peony Mini Bloom are desktop favorites! Both arrangements feature only a single Four Season Rose™ or Four Season Peony™. The Votive Bloom comes in a clear glass vase while the Mini Bloom comes in an acrylic vase. 

Arrangements with Storage Space: Teachers strive to keep clean and organized work spaces. Add some beauty to their desk appliances with an arrangement featuring space for storage that will take the spotlight of their desk or office. Arrangements that feature storage space include the Glam Box, the Bloom Box, and the Heart Bloom.

For the Collegiate Bloomers

College students are hard workers who are dedicated to the success of their futures. They persevere through the many challenges that can come along with being in a new environment, transitioning into adulthood, and extremely demanding classes. This year, most college students will be returning back to campus after a large gap and most incoming college students will be on campus for the first time after finishing high school virtually. These transitions may feel a bit overwhelming for these young adults who already have a lot on their minds. Students moving back out for college or those moving out for the first time have a lot to prepare for. Get them excited for the new school year by helping them bloom their dorm room or embrace their living space with an arrangement that’s nearly effortless to upkeep and won’t add to their responsibilities! Here are some ideas to help find the perfect unique arrangement for yourself or a beloved college student:

Evil Eye Collection: The ‘evil eye’ is a symbol of protection and calls for good luck and good fortune. Our Evil Eye arrangements feature royal navy blue, white, light blue, and black colors, just like the colors of a traditional evil eye. They’re the perfect dorm or housewarming gifts that will eliminate bad vibes and deliver protection and one-of-a-kind beauty all year long. If you’re looking for an arrangement that’s not too big but not too small, the Evil Eye Ceramic Grand Square or the Evil Eye Velvet Box are great decor sized arrangements. If you want to make a huge statement, the Evil Eye Velvet Large Grand Square will go above and beyond and is the ultimate living room or common area room decor. If you’re looking for a smaller yet meaningful gift, the Evil Eye Votive Bloom or the Evil Eye Mini Bloom are a perfect fit!

White Roses: White roses are a symbol of a new beginning, making them the perfect rose to gift an incoming college student with. Additionally, white matches well with pretty much everything. If you’re unaware of their dorm room look, white roses are a great option as they’ll fit in practically anywhere. Some perfect dorm room welcoming arrangements featuring our Four Season Roses™ available in White Winter include the Ceramic Pave Bouquet, the Black Velvet Grand Square, and the Forever Rose Bloom. Gift an incoming college student to one of these beautiful arrangements to add some brightness to their big move!

School Colored Flowers: If you’re unsure what color of flowers to go with, you can’t go wrong with the student’s school’s official colors. With the nineteen different flower colors we offer, you’re guaranteed to find a match. Give a beloved student some school spirit by gifting them with a fun and gorgeous arrangement featuring flowers in their school colors!

Arrangements with Storage Space: College students could definitely take advantage of some storage space as well. Gift them with an arrangement that will not only beautify their dorm room or living space but also help them stay clean and organized! Arrangements that feature storage space include the Glam Box, the Bloom Box, and the Heart Bloom. These arrangements contain the perfect storage area for makeup, small accessories, pens or pencils, or any other small item(s) a student wants to organize or display!

For the Extracurriculars

Several school extracurricular activities were deeply impacted by schools’ transformations to an online atmosphere. Many sororities had to implement strict house rules and refrain from normal activities, clubs and organizations had to stop volunteering or hosting in-person events, and athletic teams had to postpone or significantly alter the norms of games and practices. Extracurriculars are the heart of many students’ social lives at school. They make campus a more fun environment and are a great way to make friends and meet new people. Most extracurriculars will have the opportunity to start slowly returning to their normal routines this school year. Here are some ideas for arrangements that extracurricular groups can decorate with or gift to special leaders or contributors:

Favor Boxes: Our Favor Box collection is perfect for tablescaping, decorating, or gifting multiple people. Whether tablescaping sorority houses, gifting coaches, or honoring those who made a big effort to keep an organization running, Favor Boxes make gifting and decorating easy. Some perfect Favor Boxes for extracurricular groups to take advantage of include the Votive Bloom Favor Box, the Moss Garden Votive Bloom Favor Box, the Red Peony Votive Bloom Favor Box, and the Evil Eye Votive Bloom Favor Box. Each of these Favor Boxes includes six Votive Blooms featuring a single Four Season Flower™. 

Large Arrangements: If your organization is ready to make a huge statement through decorating or gifting, one of our large arrangements will not let you down! Our large arrangements are the ultimate eye-catching centerpieces for tables, shelves, dresser tops, and more. They’re also a great gift for a team to gift a coach with or group members to gift a leader with. Some perfect large arrangements to display or gift include the Velvet Large Grand Square or the Ceramic Pave Bouquet

For the Bittersweet Parents or Guardians… We Didn’t Forget About You!

Having your children around everyday can be a handful, however, once that time is taken away or minimized, parents quickly begin to miss both the good and the rough times they got to spend together. For many parents, it almost feels like summer has lasted for over a year as their kids have been at home all day, even during the school year. Some parents even experienced the unexpected return of their child who was away from home for college. Now that schools and universities are beginning to return to normal operations, parents won’t be seeing their children as often as before. While most parents are happy that their children can finally begin having a more normal school life, it’s also upsetting for parents to imagine no longer having as much time with their children. Therefore, parents and guardians undergoing these changes could also use an extra boost of positivity! Here are some ideas for arrangements to gift all the loving and emotional parents out there:

Carnations: Carnations symbolize family love, making them the perfect flower to gift a family member with. Whether you’re moving away for college and want to make the house a bit less lonely or want to brighten the mood of your sister, child, cousin, or so on, carnations are the perfect flower to show your love and support as a family member. Some perfect arrangements featuring our Four Season Carnations™ include the Forever Garden Bloom, the Red Carnations Grand Square, or the Tuscan Garden.

Love You Arrangements: There’s no better way to show your love for a parent than with a beautiful box of roses that literally says “Love You.” The Love You Pink or Black Velvet Boxes are the perfect arrangements to remind a parent that they are loved during this bittersweet time. The Love You Velvet Boxes feature nine Four Season Roses™ in a velvet box vase with crystals from Swarovski.

Galaxy Flowers: These are the ultimate flowers for a child to gift their parents or guardians with. If you have the best parents in the galaxy, we have the perfect way to show them. An arrangement from our Galaxy Flowers collection is the perfect way to remind your parents that your love for them is out of this world! Galaxy Flowers are black-based with the perfect amount of metallic spotting to portray a beautiful galaxy look. With over twenty arrangements to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a perfect match for the parents you love to the moon and back!